What is IPhone 5's Cost For Apple

6.7.2013 Julian Blazek

Do you know how much cost a single iPhone 5 is? That figure will surprise you...

IHS iSuppli that showed us how much profit does apple get from Apple devices shows us IPhone 5's cost, we can see how much money is Apple getting from each IPhone 5

According to IHS iSuppli 16GB version of the Apple iPhone 5's cost is $ 207. This versions price is (without contract) $442. According to the company the cost of 32 GB Apple iPhone 5 is 217 dollars, and the cost of 64 GB version of $ 238.

According to IHS iSuppli figures for Apple's most expensive iPhone was? the first iPhone which prices was $246. This price dropped to $ 188 in the iPhone 4S. iPhone 5's components?? little more expensive than the iPhone 4S'e . Reasons for the increase in price of the iPhone 5 are bigger screen, in-cell-touch technology, 4G LTE.

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